The Complete Package: WMS Software Solutions in the Cloud

SOLO World Partners, a global manufacturer, distribution, and assembly firm had a warehousing problem. They needed to find a better inventory and warehouse management solution (WMS software) for their client, SISAMEX, a Mexico-based worldwide auto parts manufacturer.

SISAMEX’s outdated technology powering the warehouse made it difficult to find inventory, and as a result their response times were lagging behind. They had no warehouse map — no true way of knowing where everything was located. They were also dealing with a high volume of orders and needed a solution to improve efficiency ASAP.

Cloud WMS Software Solution

The solution delivered was a powerful combination of inventory management, WMS cloud software and physical hardware devices, using Salesforce, Ascent Solutions, Barcode Duplicator and Zebra Technologies. SISAMEX was able to label every position and use scanning technology aligned with its ERP process to improve response times and warehouse operations. This allowed the company to visualize the positions in the system, resulting in a major efficiency boost. Having trouble locating pallets in the warehouse is now a thing of the past.

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Watch the video to learn more and visit to see how Ascent extends Salesforce for inventory, orders, reverse logistics, rentals and warehouse management solutions.

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