Top 10 Viewed Cloud ERP on Salesforce Content of 2022

ERP Enthusiasts, are you curious about what the top cloud ERP on Salesforce content is this year?  We’ve analyzed user metrics on the most popular guides from the Ascent Solutions website/blog and have created a top 10 list for your viewing pleasure. Queue up the David Letterman band…

1. How to Extend Salesforce Price Books for Inventory Management

Synopsis: Learn how to extend Salesforce Price Books for Standard and Custom Prices with Ascent Solutions inventory and order management apps.


Ascent Solutions Price-Books-add-Std


2. How to Create a Bill of Materials (BOM) in Salesforce

Synopsis: Learn how to create a Salesforce BOM (bill of materials) in Ascent ERP, which is a list of raw materials, components, and subassemblies to construct or repair an item.


Salesforce Ascent Solutions BOM


3. How the Ascent Item Master Works for Managing Inventory

Synopsis: The Salesforce Item Master in Ascent ERP is a record that houses all quantity related, product structure, and pricing information. Learn more about Item Master in this guide.


Ascent Solutions Item-Master-3


4. How Cloud Technology Helps Companies Weather the Perfect Storm of Business Volatility

Synopsis: In this tech ebook, learn about ways to improve digital transformation, reduce risk, and drive better operations on Salesforce through Cloud ERP.


Ascent Solutions Cloud ERP Ebook


5. How to Create a Purchase Order (PO) in Salesforce and Ascent Solutions

Synopsis: Learn about Salesforce Purchase Order Management in Ascent ERP, which consists of who the vendor is, delivery location, and PO lines with item details.


Ascent Solutions Purchase-Orders-6

Other Most Viewed Content:

6. How to Utilize Ascent Solutions Custom Settings

Synopsis: Ascent ERP Custom Settings enable you to configure Ascent ERP in Salesforce to your exact specifications and requirements.


7. How to Create Units of Measure (UoM) in Salesforce

Synopsis: Salesforce UoM records the unit of measure in which the product is stocked. All inventory transactions are recorded in the CRM.


8. What is Ascent ERP – An Overview 

Synopsis: Learn more detailed information about Ascent Solutions native cloud ERP app for Salesforce in the Ascent ERP product guide.


9. How to Manage Inventory Serialization

Synopsis: Salesforce Inventory Serialization allows inventory management for products that are tracked by serial number.


10. How to Manage Replenishment on Salesforce with the Ascent Master Planner

Synopsis: Salesforce Replenishment in Ascent ERP Master Planner allows you to see demand for purchased and manufactured items or create replenishments.


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