Top 10 Viewed Cloud ERP on Salesforce Content (MidYear 2023 Edition)

Published: June 7, 2023 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Top 10 Viewed Cloud ERP on Salesforce Content MidYear Edition

Mid-Year Review: Exploring the Top Salesforce Cloud ERP Content of 2023 with Ascent Solutions

School is almost out for the summer which means we’re halfway through the year and it’s time to view our top Salesforce cloud ERP content of 2023! We’ve analyzed user metrics on the most popular Ascent Solutions guides, blogs, videos, and articles so you can see what’s top of mind with Ascent customers, partners, and Salesforce. Drum roll, please…

1. Ascent Product Guides

Synopsis: Ascent Product Guides are detailed “how to” articles on Ascent Solutions applications that extend Salesforce for inventory, orders, warehouse, purchasing, financials, point of sale, omnichannel commerce, and more. These deep-dive product guides are organized by content for our flagship solution Ascent ERP or Apps 360, which are modular products also available on AppExchange.


Top 10 Viewed Cloud ERP on Salesforce Content MidYear Edition

2. How To Create a Purchase Order (PO) in Salesforce

Synopsis: Learn how Ascent ERP extends Salesforce order and inventory management capabilities for purchase orders. Replenish inventory, adjust orders, create and consolidate POs by vendor, and receive serialized and lot-controlled items.

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3. Ascent Label Anything – New and Improved

Synopsis: Ascent Label Anything is a 100% native Salesforce application for creating any size label or tag, with any barcode symbology, from any standard object or custom object, including managed packages. The latest edition of Label Anything adds new powerful functionality to help Salesforce customers efficiently create labels and tags.

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4. How to Create a Bill of Materials (BOM) in Salesforce

Synopsis: Learn about Configure to Order (CTO) capability on Salesforce for a Bill of Materials (BOM). Ascent ERP provides functionality to manage raw materials, components, and subassemblies to construct or repair items.

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5. Ascent Solutions for Public Sector Organizations

Synopsis: Ascent Solutions extends Salesforce Government Cloud capability as the Digital Platform for logistics, maintenance, and overhaul management. Salesforce public sector organizations gain better visibility into transfers, issues, and turn-ins of military equipment.


Top 10 Viewed Cloud ERP on Salesforce Content MidYear Edition

Other Most Viewed Content:

6. How to Manage Inventory Serialization

Synopsis: Salesforce Inventory Serialization allows inventory management for products that are tracked by serial number.


7. How to Create Units of Measure (UoM) in Salesforce

Synopsis: Salesforce UoM records the unit of measure in which the product is stocked. All inventory transactions are recorded in the CRM.


8. How the Ascent Item Master Works for Managing Inventory

Synopsis: The Salesforce Item Master in Ascent ERP is a record that houses all quantity-related, product structure, and pricing information. Learn more about Item Master in this guide.


9. How to Utilize Ascent Solutions Custom Settings

Synopsis: Ascent ERP Custom Settings enable you to configure Ascent ERP in Salesforce to your exact specifications and requirements.


10. How to Manage Replenishment on Salesforce with the Ascent Master Planner

Synopsis: Salesforce Replenishment in Ascent ERP Master Planner allows you to see demand for purchased and manufactured items or create replenishments.


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