Lendica Partners with Ascent Solutions and Salesforce for Embedded Finance

Published: May 16, 2023 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Lendica Partners with Ascent Solutions and Salesforce for Embedded Finance

Empowering Financial Flexibility: Ascent Solutions Introduces New Working Capital Options with Lendica Integration in Salesforce

Anyone who’s worked with us knows flexibility is a core principle of the technology we’ve built on Salesforce. We are often early adopters of cutting-edge approaches taken on the platform. We do this, so customers and partners can reap the benefits earlier than others in the marketplace. Along those lines, we’re excited to share the latest update to our Ascent Financial Package! Salesforce users now have access to a new form of working capital with our partner, Lendica. Lendica is a digital lender that offers fast and affordable loans, on demand. Lendica’s integrations are now available in Salesforce via Ascent Solutions.

Embedded Finance in Salesforce

Salesforce customers can use Lendica’s PayLater and FundNow products to delay payments to their vendors or speed up collection from wholesale accounts with just a few clicks. Lendica’s embedded payments application is available right from the Ascent Solutions Purchase Order feature, shown here:

How Does Embedded Finance Work?

Lendica’s PayLater feature allows you to fund up to $2.5M for inventory purchases, equipment, or other payables. The application process is built directly into Salesforce. You will fill out some basic information about your business and, in most cases, will be instantly approved. For example, Jobin Corp is a mid-sized consumer packaged goods manufacturer that won a new large buyer that didn’t typically pay invoices for 90 days after shipping. Jobin Corp needed to buy raw materials and packaging, which was a $300,000 upfront cash layout. Using Lendica’s SFDC plug-in, Jobin Corp was instantly granted a $640,000 PayLater line with favorable terms—1.09% monthly rate and the ability to extend vendor payments by 8 weeks. The only fees paid were made when they completed the first withdrawal to fund a $150k inventory purchase. Jobin could confidently fund his expansion with fast and affordable financing from Lendica.

Why Should Salesforce Customers Consider Embedded Finance?

Access to capital has become more difficult for companies of all sizes, especially SMBs and startups. Lendica embedded financing enables Salesforce customers to access much-needed funds for various phases of a business, from winning a new account to rapid growth, and everything in between. Companies that manage inventory and have accounts receivable assets, are a great fit for the financing you need.

Lendica Partners with Ascent Solutions and Salesforce for Embedded Finance

The Lendica team is standing by to help you learn more about their products and walk you through the application process. If you have any questions, please schedule a call with Lendica directly or visit their website to learn more.

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