Zebra Elevates Android to Enterprise Standards with (MX) Mobility Extensions

Published: December 2, 2015 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Zebra Elevates Android to Enterprise Standards with MX Mobility Extensions

Zebra Elevates Android which is adapting to the greater demands for MX enterprise use.

Android and iOS were designed for the consumer world, not the enterprise, but as consumer devices made their way into the workplace, so did the operating systems. There were concerns that the Android open source platform wasn’t strong enough to meet a higher level of security and management demands. However, like the devices themselves, Android is adapting to the greater demands of enterprise use.

The reality is, Android has grown up, toughened up, and smartened up—with the help of Zebra. The technology leader designs, engineers, and manufactures enterprise-grade mobile devices—computers, tablets, scanners, readers, and printers—that integrate essential features and functionality to perform to a higher standard for ruggedness, reliability, performance, and versatility.

Zebra’s Android TC70

Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) support the mobile computing devices with enterprise-grade Android. It’s not your family-friendly operating system! Mx infuses an extra layer on top of the commercially available Android Open Source Project, elevating the security, manageability, data capture, and connectivity. With Mx, the device is still compatible with standard Android applications, but also has the protection you need to weed out security risks, handle more data, and fit in with your MDM and MAM protocols.

Mx comes pre-installed on your Zebra mobile computers (including the new tablets, ET50 and ET 55), at no extra charge. Here’s what Mx will add to your Zebra’s Android OS:

Zebras Android TC70

Mx Multi-user Framework

  • Provides each user with their own data space and settings.
  • Includes the choice of local or remote authentication, while limiting setting modifications to the administrator.
  • Requires no hard-coding for application development.
  • All open applications are forced closed upon logout.


  • Enables white list assignment of applications to individuals and groups.
  • Allows for customizing each white list with separate sub lists to limit or share applications: System, Common, and Individual.

Mx Secure Storage

  • Supports all standard Wi-Fi security protocols.
  • Enables encryption of the entire SD card or just an individual folder tree.
  • Automatically mounts encrypted data on reset.
  • For known encryption key, the data in the encrypted area can be copied to a Linux system


  • Extends current MDM features to Zebra’s Android-based mobile computers.

Mobility Extensions (Mx) has solved the problems that IT people have had with consumer-grade Android.

Mobile Zebra Android devices like the TC70 utilize the Mx framework to create an enterprise standard, yet consumer friendly experience similar to iOS, while also offering diverse usage and enhanced ruggedness. Before you decide on your mobile devices, talk to our friends at Symbology Enterprises to learn more about Zebra and Mx.

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