Increase Your Workforce with Intelligent Technology

Published: October 16, 2019 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Increase Your Workforce with Intelligent Technology

Revolutionizing Warehouses: The Role of IoT in Adapting to Modern Operational Dynamics

The warehouses of today look a lot more different than the warehouses from ten years ago. New operational dynamics — such as lenient return policies and same-day shipping — have inspired new technologies to boost productivity without straining your workforce. As a result, intelligent systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT) have surfaced as key elements in maintaining needed adaptability as warehouses undergo continuous change.
Developing both hardware and software solutions for the Salesforce platform, Ascent Solutions simplifies IoT by pairing your workforce with intuitive technology engineered for maximized connectivity and visibility in and out the warehouse. Using Zebra Technologies’ all-touch computer – the TC57, we explore the benefits of IoT’s actionable intelligence brings to your workforce.

From Picking to Shipping, Choose Efficiency on Salesforce

97% of manufacturers previously sought IoT as the best solution to optimize supply chains. Zebra’s Vision Study still reports technology utilization as the top challenge warehouses face today. Devices such as the TC57 serve as a seamless way to integrate intelligence into the workforce for three distinct reasons:

  1. Familiarity – Built to resemble a consumer-grade phone, the TC57 integrates familiarity in every aspect of its performance, from long-range data capture to superior locations using various technologies. Minimize distractions while collecting data with a comfortable device that best suits your workforce.
  2. Practicality – Operating on Android’s open ecosystem, the TC57 accommodates tested applications such as Zebra’s Mobility DNA, as well as Ascent’s productivity apps such as LabelAnything without any backend modifications. Shape each device to match your workflow while combining the strength of Zebra’s data capture and connectivity with the benefits of a cloud-based sharing system.
  3. Durability – Because workflows are becoming ever more prolific, the TC57 is built to handle tough environments, withstanding dust, water, scratches, and 6ft drops to concrete. This means you can integrate your smart device anywhere and bring connectivity whenever your workforce goes.
Increase Your Workforce with Intelligent Technology
Fully operational in both field services and demanding warehouses, the TC57 facilitates better decision-making by connecting your workers onto one multi-purpose platform. The result includes benefits such as:

  • Optimized labor that keeps up with demands
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Maximized operational visibility
  • Superior worker safety

Start integrating intelligence today when you trade in outdated mobile devices from any manufacturer through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. From mobile printers to the TC57, get cash-back rebates towards your next upgrade until December 31st, 2019.

Modernization and simplicity go hand in hand when done with Ascent Solutions. Following warehouse changes for over twenty years, we build optimization strategies centered around your needs using the newest software and hardware. Grow your workforce’s adaptability when you contact us for more information about intelligent technologies and solutions, crafted for optimal performance.

Contact us today to learn more about innovative solutions utilizing best-in-class technologies like Salesforce and Zebra Technologies.

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