How Cloud Technology Helps Companies Weather the Perfect Storm of Change

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We’re in the midst of unprecedented business change with three major “storms” impacting startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises alike while completely shifting the way we do business. While advances in Supply Chain 4.0 and Digital Transformation have slowly advanced over the last decade, recent storms of change have rapidly disrupted even the most risk averse industries.

So how should business and technology leaders move forward in this volatile climate with a coherent strategy for success?

cloud technology ebook Salesforce

Check out our new eBook, which summarizes the current impact of three major business “storms” — digital transformation, global crisis (e.g. COVID-19), and supply chain 4.0 — while also proposing a technology-led solution as an alternative to existing on premise or legacy software systems. Essentially, how leaders can find a calm within the eye of the perfect business storm through a comprehensive Cloud ERP technology solution of Salesforce and Ascent Solutions.

Adopting cloud-based technology is a smart approach for companies that are concerned about how to scale their operations and customer growth in the current volatile business climate. Salesforce is an industry leader in CRM quickly approaching $20 billion in annual revenue because of it’s cloud-based technology, subscription model, and customer-centric approach. Salesforce’s focus on “Customer 360” has truly shaped its product roadmap, tools, and apps over the last twenty years. In fact, one of Salesforce’s best kept secrets is it provides capability for companies to manage both front office (CRM) and back office (inventory, orders, finance, accounting) through a combination of Salesforce and partner apps on the AppExchange.

Storms of business volatility - digital transformation, COVID-19, Supply Chain 4.0

That’s where we come in. Ascent Solutions is a team of distribution and manufacturing technology enthusiasts that understand the term “ERP” is often oversold and under-delivered. As companies have historically been sold a rigid, one size fits all monolithic ERP tool, challenges such as low utilization, suboptimal demand planning, and low return on investment naturally ensued.

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Over a decade ago we made the strategic decision to become a Salesforce ISV partner and have been building apps and industry solutions that extend Salesforce from the front office (i.e. traditional CRM) to the back office for ERP, inventory, order management, demand planning, and reverse logistics.

What are the benefits of selecting a Cloud ERP solution of Salesforce + Ascent Solutions?

  • Accelerate digital transformation. Just as legacy systems and spreadsheets can no longer support evolving business requirements, a commerce toolkit for demand planning, inventory, order, warehouse, and return management is critical for companies that are reshaping their businesses through digital transformation.
  • Ascent Solutions integrates with leading back-office solutions such as Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Accounting Seed, Xero, Zenkraft, Avalara Avatax, and Kulturra.
  • With over a decade working with Salesforce customers on demand planning, ERP, inventory, order, warehouse and return management, we have the Salesforce expertise and platform knowledge to support your growth needs.
  • Ascent Solutions apps and solutions are 100% native Salesforce managed packages with intuitive interfaces that are easy to use with Lightning interface, Lightning Flow, Process Builder, and Flow Builder.
  • Ascent Solutions’ knowledge base, documentation, and expert customer support are available to assist you from purchase to deployment, and beyond.

Ready to learn more? Check out eBook.

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