Rental Dated Item Reservations

Overview and Process To ensure inventory is available for the period of time the customer is requesting the material for rent,  Ascent ERP now allows a user to reserve rental line quantities against inventory  during order creation as well as after the order has been created. Quantities against one or more lots can be allocated […]

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Rental Orders – Packing

Overview and Process A rental sales order is a construct created for the purpose of shipping inventory to a customer, invoicing the customer, and managing the inventory. This document will discuss the process of packing the material, whether it is for a rental line or for a sales line. A rental sales order can be […]

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Rental Orders – Creation

Overview This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via Ascent Rental Sales Orders to create a rental sales order. Definition: Sales Orders are records in Ascent that serve as a framework for selling and shipping material that is in inventory, as well as invoicing for that material.  However, those same constructs […]

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Rental Returns

Overview Inevitably, material that is rented will be returned.  Ascent uses Returns and Return Lines to perform the return of the material. Definition: A return, as stated before, is a way that rented material can be returned from a customer. It consists of a return header (called a return) and any number of return lines […]

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