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Ascent Label Anything Overview


Ascent Label Anything is a 100% Salesforce Native Application. The Ascent Solutions team has designed it for the creation and printing of barcode labels.

  • Standalone Application (does not require Ascent ERP or any other Ascent products)
  • Labels for any Salesforce standard, custom or managed package objects
  • Trigger printing actions via Flow Builder Invocables
  • Tags and barcode labels
    • Bed Side Labeling, Compliance Labeling, Inventory Control, Shelf Labeling, Pallet Labeling, Pallet License Plate, UPC EAN Labeling, Asset Labeling , Visitor Badges, Vial and Tube labeling.
  • Any size label with any barcode symbology
  • Used in Warehousing, Production, Manufacturing, Retail/Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Food/Beverage Industry, Equipment Rental and Events Management

Labels can be designed and created with ZebraDesigner™ or BarTender Cloud™ software, then save your barcode template to your Salesforce instance and print directly using Zebra or any other brands.

If you need hardware to scan and print, we also support the complete line of printers, scanners and mobile computers.

Helpful Hint: The mapping between messages and barcodes is called a symbology. The specification of a symbology includes the encoding of the single digits/characters of the message, as well as the start and stop markers into bars and space; the size of the “quiet zone” before and after the barcode; and the computation of a checksum.

A barcode is an optical, machine-readable representation of data. A barcode’s symbology refers to the encoding of information into the barcode image. Traditional one-dimensional (1D), linear barcodes represent data by varying the width and spacing of parallel lines.



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