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Ascent Label Anything BarTender Setup Overview


The information below describe the setup, features, and usage of the new Cloud Print functionality of the Ascent Label Anything BarTender Cloud package. Make sure to follow our step by step guides as changes to some Custom Settings are required, along with Salesforce and BarTender configuration. Although Ascent BarTender is a stand-alone product, it will work with any other Ascent Solutions products currently available.

Requirements: The following Software applications must be installed for Ascent Label Anything BarTender Cloud to work correctly.

  1. Install the Ascent Label Anything with BarTender Cloud package in Salesforce via a single link provided by the Ascent team.
  2. Have a valid Bartender Cloud Account with a license that supports BarTender Cloud Rest API and a subscription plan set to “Automation.” More information on user management is below. Reach out to the Ascent team to help set up a new BarTender Cloud account.
  3. Once Logged into BarTender, Install the Printing Service on a Windows machine by following the documentation here on Bartender’s official website.

Make sure to complete all steps provided in the following setup guides:

  • BarTender Setup for Admins, click here
  • Salesforce Setup for Admins, coming soon
  • Flow Explanation, coming soon
  • Buttons Creation, coming soon
  • Printing Test, coming soon

Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you need any assistance completing the initial configuration of our Ascent Label Anything with BarTender application.




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