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BarTender Setup for Admins

In order to start using Bartender, you need to create a Web Application and set up an account on the BarTender website. To successfully send Rest API calls, at least one user with a valid authentication (successfully created a Password access App) needs to be set up. On the Salesforce side, the account is organization-wide, and all Salesforce Users share the same account for printing. To begin the set-up, follow the steps below:

User creation/ Edit existing users

  • Go to and click the hamburger icon to begin setting up the Users. 
  • Click on “Manage Cloud Account.”
  • Navigate to the “Users” tab
    • New User creation to support Rest API calls
      • Click on “Create User”

      • When creating a new user, make sure that the mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name, and email address) are filled in.

Note: In order to integrate Bartender with Salesforce, the user you are creating needs to have  “Allow password-based API access” enabled. See the screenshot below: (If this is your first user, ensure you select the “Set as administrator” checkbox before anything else).

      • Once this information is added, click on the invite button:
      • You will receive an email as part of the account creation process. Accept the invitation by clicking the ‘join’ button within the email.

    • Edit existing User to support Rest API calls
      • In the “Users” tab, click the three dots to edit an existing User.
      • Click on “Edit”

      • In order to integrate Bartender with Salesforce, the user needs to have “Allow password-based API access” enabled.

Authentication process

This authentication is mandatory in order for your Rest API client to make a call to BarTender Cloud and verify that access is authorized to your account. 

  • Go to and click the hamburger icon  to begin the authorization process.
  • Select “Manage Cloud Account”.
  • Then click on
  • Under “Console Applications and Services”, click on “Register Application for Password-Based Access”.

  • Fill in the Application name and click on
  • Access the Web registration ID and Secret by clicking on “View ID & Secret” near the application created one step above.

  • Copy the Application ID and the Application Secret into a Word Processing application for later use.

Note: This information will be reused when setting up the App on the Salesforce side




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