Rental Venue Locations

Overview and Process A venue is a physical location, possibly where an event is occurring.  A company could have a client who is a consistent renter of goods, and oftentimes, the same goods or the same time period, but at different locations, and they wish to know what goods are currently being rented by their […]

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Rental Opportunities and Quotes

Overview This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via Rental Opportunities and Rental Quotes to create a rental order. A rental opportunity can not only include rental line items, but can also include sales items.   Definition: The Opportunity object is a standard Salesforce object. Ascent uses that object and adds additional […]

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Rental Trade Agreements

Definition and types This functionality makes rental pricing easy. Trade Agreements are a way to represent contractual arrangements with customers regarding the price of rentals. This document will illustrate some examples. Rental trade agreements (TAs) differ from sales trade agreements.  Rental TAs have to deal with Periods, or the billing cycle of the agreement.  And […]

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Rental Custom Settings

Custom settings of importance when using Ascent Rental Use Not Counted Loc on Receive and Pack This allows not counted in inventory locations, like rental locations, to be used to receive into and pack from on a sales order. Use Returns This will allow the system to use Returns on rentals, in conjunction with the […]

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