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We have built a functionality which will automate the packing of orders in Salesforce. Auto packing is a function to automatically pack available order lines without any operator intervention and give flexibility to the user to pack a wide range of products with different quantities. 

  • Created an order
  • Added an account: ABC Company 
  • Order Product Item 1 : Cranberry
    • CRAN LOT 1(Qty = 2), CRAN LOT 2(Qty = 10)
    • Qty Needed =  5

Lot Controlled Product Details

  • Order Product Item 2: Blueberry
    • Lot A(Qty = 5), Lot B(Qty = 10)
    • Qty Needed = 3

Lot Controlled Product Details

  • Order Product Item 3
    • Qty Needed = 2
    • Non Inventory Product, Type = Service

Not Inventory Product Details

On the order, Click on “Autopack Order” button, which will pack the open lines automatically from the lots, and will create a packed sales order lines with lot details and quantities from where it is packed. 

Order Details

Packed Sales Order Lines

Packed Sales Order Lines

Advantages and limitations: 

  • Flexibility; users can adjust to autopack a wide range of different size products and quantities from lots based on their FEFO, FIFO or LIFO order. 
  • It provides maximum production every day compared to manual packing. This automated process will pick and pack from the previously defined lots.  
  • Auto packing limits to Products with Inventory type non serialized, Non product inventory type service. When the user clicks the Autopack button, it will ignore the order products which contain serialized products and auto packs remaining order products if there is sufficient inventory. 
  • Any line which references a serialized product will not be selected for auto pack.
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