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Packing an Order

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Standard Order Packing for Inventory Products 

Standard Packing will pack the products and deduct the quantity packed from inventory

  • Create an order with vendor, order date, delivery details and Type = delivery
  • Add lines with product, price, quantities and discounts if any
  • Pack the order using “Pack Order” button

Order details

Packing the order will deduct the inventory from the location selected and create packed sales order lines.

Notes: inventory deduction when packing requires IOM

Current pack operations

Standard Order Packing For Non Inventory Products 

When packing a non inventory product, it will not ask for location as this is a service item and service items will not have a physical inventory in stock.

Order lines non inventory products

Order Lines Packed

And when you add a non product line (Note line) to an order, the order line status will automatically show as packed as there will be no related product to note line. 

Order lines non inventory product


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