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Dropshipping Orders Functionality

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Required Apps: Ascent Order Management, Ascent Inventory Management 

Required Permissions: Ascent Inventory and Ascent Order Management 


OM: Order Management 

IM: Inventory Management

Benefits of using both permissions for a single user

  • When the user clicks the Dropship button on an order, a purchase order record with purchase order lines is created with relationship to the original order. It is required to have a Default vendor and to set allowed for dropship at the product level to true.
  • Once a purchase order type Dropship is created, Order products dropship checkbox will check to true automatically and the dropship purchase order will show in related lists under orders in OM.  
  • When the user completes the purchase order, this action will automatically mark the Order Product as packed. 
  • Other flow process automation can be easily created by an SI partner using available Salesforce tools. 

To learn more about Dropshipping Customer Orders click here


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