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Bulk Inventory Adjustment

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This function allows you to add or subtract inventory for multiple items, or even for the same item, in a single screen.  By continuing to click “New Adjustment”, you can queue up many adjustments prior to hitting “Save”, which will execute all the requests at once.

Definition: Inventory Adjustments can be easily done, one item at a time, on the item master screen.  However, there may be instances when a large number of adjustments needs to be made, and it would be better if you could stay on a single screen, enter the adjustments, and then “Save” one time, to significantly reduce the time it takes to perform the adjustments.  Bulk Adjust Inventory allows you to do that.


Click on Bulk Adjust Inventory, and you’ll see this screen:

There are two functions, or Types, Add and Subtract:

Let’s add some inventory to a non-serialized item.  Select an item, enter a quantity, the To Location where the material will be stocked, any Notes, and a selected Reason Code, if desired:


Now, since this is a bulk transaction, let’s also add a serialized adjustment.  To get prompted for more data, hit “New Adjustment”:

Select Add, a serialized item, a quantity, the serial number(s), the To Location, any Notes, and any Reason Code:

Now, if desired, we can hit “Save”, and we’ll get this confirmation message:


We can combine Adds and Subtracts on the same screen.  For Subtrats, instead of selecting a To Location, we choose a From Location:


Then, hit Save, and get a confirmation message:



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