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Rental Custom Pages

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A feature was added into the Ascent Rental package to allow the user to customize what fields appear on the opportunity, sales quote, and sales order lines, and in which order.  For purposes of this document, we will illustrate how this can be set up for sales orders.

Configure Custom Pages to Rental Lines List View

For home page (used only if you are using Salesforce Classic):

To access the Custom Pages from your Salesforce Org home page 

  • Setup -> Customize -> Home -> Home Page Layouts -> Select “Dashboard Home Page Default” layout (it’s the layout used in your org, it can be different in other orgs)

  •  Edit -> check the “Configure Custom Pages” checkbox -> Next -> Save

  • Now you should see the “Configure Custom Pages” section on the home page


For Object Page Buttons (If you are using Salesforce Lightning):

Sales Order Button:

  • Setup -> Create -> Objects -> select Sales Order object -> “Search Layouts” section -> click “Edit” near to “List View”

  • Move the “Configure Custom Pages” button in the right table -> Save

Here’s what the page looks like (for this example, I have taken the field called Rental Qty On Hand and moved it from near the end of the line to near the beginning of the line, simply by clicking Reorder Up/Down to Up on that line, until it moves to where I want it.

Do the same thing for Opportunity and Quote objects

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