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System Administration Overview

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Securing a company’s data has always been of primary importance to every organization. has many methods by which this can be done, providing access to data to which the user has been given permission, and no more.   Ascent ERP takes full advantage of the platform tools. Anyone in your organization that understands security settings can control profiles, permissions and data access to Ascent ERP in the same way. 

Oftentimes, changing system behavior becomes a burdensome task for an IT department.  Since Ascent Solutions ERP system resides on the Salesforce platform, companies can often use the standard tools such as process builder and workflow rules to make the system align to their business processes, with “clicks not code”.  

Of course, there are also configuration settings built into the Ascent ERP product, and when needed Ascent code can be extended with customizations that are specific to your environment. Having team members that have working knowledge, or are certified as Administrators or Developers is a great way to ensure your long-term success with Ascent ERP.

To view detailed information regarding System Administration, please click one of the following:

Admin Settings – Click Here

AFP Custom Settings – Click Here

Custom Settings – Click Here


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