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Release Notes – Ascent ERP 4.11

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These release notes are for release 4.0.9 up to and including 4.11 and are a successor to the Ascent ERP 4.0 release notes.

A Note on Permissions, Profiles and Sharing Rules:

  • Security Settings
    • Please review all of your permissions, profiles and sharing rules prior to pushing 4.0+ into production. It is likely due to the enhancements in version 4.0+ that some adjustments will need to be made to your platform configuration in these areas.
    • Please ensure that you are testing as a non-admin and across all roles, profile types and user license types.
    • If you have any Ascent components exposed through a Digital Experience (A.K.A. Community) these should also be tested as the relevant user types.


  • Serial Numbers search screen added to Work Order Completion Screen
    • A selection box now appears when completing a WO. Serial Numbers are ordered by Location, and can be selected to be applied to WO lines.
    • Using the clear option will remove the Serial Number fields.
  • Returns Visualforce Page now customizable
    • Previously, fields within a field set were not being respected by the VF page for the Return Lines. Now field sets are both present and customizable. (Field Set Names:: Return Lines for View Return & Return Lines input for view return)
  • More User Friendly Error Messages
    • While still containing any hard coded messages, new formatting allows for additional useful information to be displayed. (EX: ‘Item Number: This Item Is Not Available For Sale’)
  • Create new Lots when doing Lot to Lot Item Movement
    • There is now a tab on the lot to lot item movement page which allows for the creation of a new lot for items to go to.
  • Added field set for Complete “Part” type lines
    • On the complete Work Order Page previously field sets were not supported on complete “part” type lines. Now a field set can be used to customize the page. (Field Set Name: Part Type Complete WO)
  • Added field set for Master Planner Quantity Approval Page
    • Item descriptions were only displayed on the MP main page and not on subsequent pages after clicking “Create PO”. Now item descriptions are visible on the MP main page and confirmation screen.
  • Additional Vendor sort in Master Planner
    • Master Planner previously supported having items sorted by Item, Item Type, Delivery Date, and Source. You now have the option to sort items in Master Planner by their Vendor.
  • Additional Invocable Methods for Inventory Functions.
    • The following three invocables were added to allow for Inventory adjustments and inventory movements using Salesforce Flow. They are all based on inventory adjustment functions accessible on the Item Master.
      • Add Inventory
      • Subtract Inventory
      • Move Inventory
  • Invocable Method for Sales Order Pack
    • You can now pack Sales Orders using the Sales Order Pack invocable method along with Salesforce Flow.
  • Invocable Method for Receive Purchase Order
    • You can now receive Purchase Orders using the Receive PO invocable method along with Salesforce Flow.
  • Enhanced Status Field PBSI_Transfer_Status_c
    • This field can now be updated through the movement line API with status ‘pending’ ‘complete’ and ‘canceled’
  • Updated setitemlocator flow
    • Locator name field now set to equal to the item id and location id
  • Estimated Production time field on Item Master Modified
    • This field has been updated to accept numbers with decimals up to ten decimal places. This will allow a higher degree of precision when calculating production time.
  • Conversion of Workflow Rules to Salesforce Flow
    • Previously, Ascent ERP required several Workflow rules and actions to perform certain automatic functions. These rules have been replicated in Flow to adhere to Salesforce’s deprecation of Workflow.
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