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This optional object is often used by clients in conjunction with a location record, to state what warehouse a location can reside in. For example, Stockroom 1, Stockroom 2, and Stockroom 2, all locations, could all be located in Warehouse A. So, the company would have to create a warehouse record for Warehouse A first, and then create the three stockroom locations. Each stockroom location record would have Warehouse A entered into the Warehouse field which resides on the Location object. Ascent does not perform any processing with the warehouse object. It is for customer defined usage only.

Here is a screen shot of the Warehouse record:

Warehouse Name: This would simply be the warehouse name.

Description: Could be the warehouse name or some additional description that more accurately describes the warehouse.

Currency: This is the currency of the warehouse.

Geo Location: Optional, this could be another descriptor of the warehouse; could be a country, region, district, etc.

Address Line 1: This would be the first line of street address.

Address Line 2: Optional second street address line.

Address Line 3: City, state, and postal code can go here.

Address Line 4: Optional third street address line.


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