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Ascent Mobile Menu – Overview

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This document will serve as an overview of all of the functionality available via the Ascent Mobile Menu.  Subsequent documents will discuss in detail all the features that are offered.

Definition: The Ascent Mobile Menu was developed such that warehouse workers would be given a handheld device to record inventory transactions, with limited functionality, limited fields in which to enter data, and most of all, the ability to scan bar codes, to ensure accuracy of data being input.

No editing is allowed to any of the purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, returns, pallets, or items, since these processes are intended to record inventory movement data, not change, for example, prices in a sales order.

Functions: there are twelve (12) different functions available to a user on the Ascent Mobile Menu :

  1. Receive PO – this function will allow the user to receive a purchase order.  
  2. Stage SO – some companies, before packing out a sales order, wish to stage the material into an area which makes it more convenient for them to physically wrap the material, or perhaps stage the material such that they can pack onto a delivery truck more easily.  Inventory is not deducted from inventory, just moved from a stocking location to some other location.
  3. ReStage SO – just as Stage SO moves material from location to location, ReStage SO does the same.  It takes material that has already been staged and moves it to another staging area.  Some organizations have a first staging area for shrink wrapping the material, and then move it to a location where they ready the material for truck loading.
  4. Pick SO – here is where the material is deducted from inventory.  After this point, a packing slip can be printed.
  5. Move Item – this routine allows you to move inventory from one location to another.
  6. Move Pallet – this routine allows you to move a pallet from one location to another.
  7. Cycle Count – you can use this to count inventory quantities for an item at a location/lot/pallet.  The count journal function which is available on the desktop is where you can confirm/change the quantities entered on the Ascent Mobile Menu.
  8. Refill – if your organization is using pallets combined with flow racks, you can use this function to refill the flow racks with quantities from the pallets.
  9. Inventory Adjustment – this is exactly as described.  It allows a user to add or subtract inventory for an item/location/lot/pallet.
  10. Return Order – with this function, you can scan/enter the return order number and record receipt of inventory from a client.
  11. Allocate WO – once a picking work order is created from a sales order, this function can allocate material on that sales order generated picking work order, and also create the allocations records on the sales order.
  12. Logout – no explanation needed.  

Detailed Documentation:

  1. Receive PO – coming soon 
  2. Stage SO – coming soon
  3. ReStage SO – coming soon
  4. Pick SO – coming soon
  5. Move Item – coming soon
  6. Move Pallet – coming soon
  7. Cycle Count – coming soon
  8. Refill – coming soon
  9. Inventory Adjustment – coming soon
  10. Return Order – coming soon
  11. Allocate WO – coming soon
  12. Logout – none necessary, the system would log you out of this device.
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