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Demand Management Overview

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Demand can come from various places.  Demand can be customer orders, the need to keep a minimum supply of inventory on hand or safety stock to be able to support unforecasted demand, or the need for raw material (component) inventory to support manufacturing, just to cite three examples.

Ascent ERP provides ways to view demand, suggest replenishment options, and create replenishment orders.  In addition, you will be able to receive against /  complete those orders to replenish your inventory.

To view detailed information regarding Demand Management, please click one of the following:

Master Planner – Ascent’s Master Planner gives users visibility into dependent and independent demand on products for procurement and production, taking business rules by item and location into consideration, and allows them to take direct action on replenishment.   To view detailed information about this click here

Sales/Purchase Planner – another method of procurement or production planning, this feature allows a more narrowly focused planning process, based purely on demand.   To view detailed information about this click here

Purchase Orders – not only is communication with suppliers important to the procurement process, but the ability to create trade agreements and take advantage of negotiated prices is critical, too.  Recording of receipts immediately updating inventory for consumption on production work orders or shipping product to customers is easily done either on the desktop or mobile menu.   To view detailed information about this click here 

Production Work Orders – these orders take advantage of bills of materials to alert the production team as to what materials are required for an order.  When the work is completed, backflushing of material allows for immediate consumption of inventory, thus ensuring that inventory counts are current.   To view detailed information about this click here

Deconstruct Work Orders – oftentimes, an assembly or finished good is returned and deemed not usable in the current state, and is more desirable broken down into original components.  Ascent ERP will process these types of orders, and put the inventory back into stock for re-use.  To view detailed information about this click here – click here

Contract Manufacturing Purchase Orders – businesses can farm out the assembly of product to a contract manufacturer, while providing them with the materials to produce the goods, and paying a fee for each unit produced.  Ascent ERP contains this functionality.  To view detailed information about this click here

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