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Transfer Orders – Overview

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This document will serve as an overview of all of the functionality available via Transfer Orders (TO). Subsequent documents will discuss in detail all the features offered via Transfer Orders.

Definition: Transfer Orders are objects in Ascent that serve as a framework for shipping and receiving material that is in inventory from one location to another location, with the benefit of generating documentation for the transfer, as well as providing an audit trail for the movement of that material. An example of how this can be used is if you have an excess of inventory in one location and wish to move that excess to another location which has a shortage of that inventory, like moving excess from Portland, Maine, to Miami, Florida. 

Transfer order lines can be staged, however, this is an optional process.

The records that are created during the transfer order process are:

  1. Transfer Order – This is the record that houses the from location, in-transit location, and receiving location. It also contains the order date, due date, status, total quantity left to receive, total quantity received, total quantity shipped, and total transfer quantity.
  2. Transfer Order Line – This record is created for each item that is to be transferred. IT contains the item, quantity left to receive, quantity left to ship, quantity left to stage, quantity shipped, stage date, stage quantity, transfer quantity, and unit of measure.
  3. Shipped Transfer Line – Once a line on the TO is shipped, this record is created. It contains the expected arrival date, from location, from ot, is printed, item, movement line, not received serial numbers, pallet, parent lot, quantity, quantity left to receive, quantity received, reversed received qty, shipped serial numbers, transfer order, transfer order line, transit location ID, transit lot, and transit time.
  4. Staged Order Lines – If you choose to stage the transfer order line(s), this record will be created. It was initially created to stage sales order lines, but it is now used for transfer orders. Information pertinent to TOs include from location, from lot, from pallet, is printed, item, item weight, serial numbers, stage quantity, to location, to lot, to pallet, transfer order, transfer order line, type, and unit of measure.   
  5. Received Transfer Line – This record is created when the transfer line is received, and contains the following information – date received, from location ID, from lot, is printed, item, movement line, pallet, quantity, received serial numbers, shipped transfer line, lto location, to lot, transfer order, transfer order line.

Detailed Documentation: 

  1. Transfer Orders – Creation – Click Here
  2. Transfer Orders – Staging – Click Here
  3. Transfer Orders – Shipping – Click Here
  4. Transfer Orders – Receiving – Click Here


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